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Pandemonium Studios brings local communities together through the power of music. Our Workshops, Open Mic Nights and Jam Sessions create some fantastic moments. Wether you are interested in attending one of our workshops or looking to collaborate or organise a project please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What we do

We prepare students to become exceptional musicians.


Our tuition is based around experience, extensive research and education. Pandemonium Studios consists of a collective of talented musicians and music tutors, some of which are RSL Graded Music Examiners.


We can prepare you for an exam, we can prepare you to perform on stage or we can prepare you to simply love and enjoy playing your instrument.


We run free to attend workshops across the Northwest. Everything from picking up and playing an instrument to how to produce and DJ music digitally on our professional equpiment

Industry support

Very few colleges or music services are integrated with real life musicians and push a very “textbook” approach to learning music, we thrive in integrating our students with the music industry, performing gigs & collaborating with real world working musicians.

Equipment rental

We have an array of instruments we have built up through conducting workshops that are available for reduced rate rental if you wish to run you own workshop, put on a gig or simply explore music on a tool you don’t currently own.

We've got everything covered

We provide all aspects of musical learning right from the core skils to how to professionaly build your own portfolio as a musician and manage yourself.


Not limited to, but We can support you in:


Performance Preparation | Mock Exams | Music Theory and Essay Writing | Instrument skills | Teamwork & Collaboration

How we work

We are an agile team of musicians, currently utilising arts & anti-social behaviour funding as well as direct booking from youth venues to create better music education for all.


We actively seek and apply for funding and when we get funding in we approach youth clubs & venues that so that we can provide completely free workshops for the venues & the people that need them most.


We have an array of existing venues who contract us to run music workshops for them. We're a CIC so we're incredibly afordable where most services start to get pricey.

Private tuition

A lot of people from our workshops just can't get enough, so we run subsidised private one to one tuition classes too. No extortionate term based payments, we cater for a lot of young carers and people with commitments who can’t attend lessons every week.

Non for profit

We’re a CIC / Non for profit company, this means ANY money that comes into Pandemonium goes directly to buying new equipment or is used to directly fund workshops which are completely free to the general public who want to get into music.

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Wether you're interested in atending a workshop or would like us to put on a free workshop at your venue / youth service / community centre, please contact us below so we can help you with your query.

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We aim to respond to all correspondence within 24 hours, if you require us to call you back just let us know in your message with a number and we'll give you a call.